The MMS Institute of Northern California

Next VIRTUAL 60-Hour ICF Certified Training – ACSTH Starts January 18th, 2022 5PM-8PM PST.

The MMS Institute of Northern California

 is the birthplace of what has become a worldwide movement in coaching. Our professional and heart-centered approach allows participants to embody the power of choice while learning the necessary skills to become a credentialed coach.

Connect with yourself, connect with others, and launch a new career.

“Love yourself, trust your choices and everything is possible.”

– Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott
Founder of the MMS Institute

The MMS Institute is the birthplace of coaching: we’re the original and oldest coach training in the world, founded in 1974 by the Mother of Coaching, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott.

What began in San Francisco over forty years ago has grown into a global organization, training coaches to ICF (International Coach Federation) standards; using the effective and powerful MMS methods.

We’re proud to provide a fully credentialed coach training, which prepares our students for the rigorous ICF credentialing exam. An ICF coach certification provides a path to leadership in the workplace, and deep personal growth comes from learning the coaching method. We offer both. Our trainings not only teach you the skills to coach, but provide the opportunity to be coached and receive live feedback throughout the process.

All courses are taught by ICF credentialed trainers.

Learning Paths

Coaching Training for Professionals

Self Discovery Workshops

One on One Coaching

Meet MMS Norcal Directors

Carla Morton

Coach & Director of MMS NorCal Institute

Carla Morton, PCC, is an ICF Credentialed Leadership Coach and Executive Director of MMS Northern California. Through her 20+ years of business, entrepreneurial and executive search experience, she has worked with thousands of people while they were navigating career changes and has…

Lindsey Taylor-Vivier

Coach & Director of MMS NorCal Institute

Lindsey Taylor-Vivier is the Managing Director of MMS Northern California. She’s an ICF certified coach and was trained at the MMS Worldwide Institute in The Netherlands. Coaching is close to Lindsey’s heart because of the personal transformation and healing she discovered through her own journey…

Virtual Coach Training + Workshops + Screenings

ICF Virtual Coach Training for 2022

 Starts January 18th; Tuesdays’s from 5PM-8PM PST + Some Weekends. Ends April 24th.

Inner Negotiation Workshop

Dates coming for March 2022

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Next Virtual MMS Coach Training starting January, 18th, 2022 5PM-8PM PST








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