Is MMS NorCal an International Coaching Federation accredited program?


Does it matter if I get credentialed by the International Coaching Federation?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest regulating body of coaching. And, as the coaching industry is getting bigger; there is a greater demand for coaches to be credentialed. A lot of people can call themselves a Coach but they are not actually coaching; they are acting as a mentor or advisor or consultant.

I'm not going to become a full-time coach. Is this program for me?

Absolutely. Learning the coaching method is a journey in personal development.  As you learn the method, you will be bringing your own topics and objectives to the training to work through.  Learning the coaching method brings you closer to yourself and closer to others.

How long will the coach training take?

The MMS 60-Hour Coach Training is eight (8) days of training. This is a faster and more affordable way to get the ICF Credential as most programs take a year. This way, you can start coaching right away.  We give you the confidence to start coaching, right out of the gate!

Why is this program shorter and less expensive than other ICF Credentialed Coach Training Programs?

There are some programs that are 125 hours long. The difference is; those programs cost more and takes longer. With our program, you will get your ICF ACC credential with 100 hours of coaching and begin to coach sooner. Then, if you decide later that you want to go for your PCC level of ICF; you will need an additional 65 hours of Coach Training and an additional 400 hours of Coaching.

With the 125-hour programs; you will still only have your ACC level of ICF; and if you decide later that you want PCC credentials; you will not need to do more training but you still will need 400 additional hours of coaching.

Our program is a way to get the skills that can have you coaching confidently right away and then you can decide later if you want to go for other levels of accreditation.

When do I actually start coaching?

You will start practicing pieces of the core competencies of coaching on day one.  You can start accruing hours towards your ICF Credential as soon as you start the coaching training as well.

What else, aside from this training will I need to get ICF Credentialed?

After you graduate from our training; you will need to accrue 100 hours of coaching before you can submit your training and coaching hours to ICF.  Of those 100 hours; 25 of them can be for free and 75 of them must be paid or on trade. The ICF does not dictate how much you charge for coaching hours. Once you submit your coaching hours to ICF; they will confirm them and send you a link to take the Coaching Knowledge Questionnaire and once you pass that, you will be an ICF Credentialed coach with an ACC Certification.  

I’ve been Coaching without an ICF Credential for years. Can those hours apply to my 100 hours of Coaching that ICF requires?

Unfortunately, no.  You can start accruing hours as soon as you start the training program.

What is the Coaching Knowledge Questionnaire? Will you prepare me for that? How much does it cost? What if I don’t pass?

The Coaching Knowledge Questionnaire is a series of multiple choice questions that ask about the core competencies and ethics of ICF. The cost of the test is $100 (not included in the MMS coaching training fee). We will help you train for the test during the training. The test takes about three (3) hours to take and you can take it from the comfort of your home, at your conveniences but it must be taken in one sitting. Passing score is 70% and you will know if you pass right away. If you don’t pass the test, you can take it again for an additional $100.

Do I have to attend both weeks of the training?

Yes, both weeks are required.  You need to attend 85% of the hours for us to confirm that you completed our coach specific training. You also need to pass our final assessment of your skills with a live coaching session to graduate our program.  We make sure that everyone who graduates our program demonstrates the ICF Core Competencies.

Is accommodation included in the training?

No. Once you have registered, we can provide you with our favorite affordable hotels close to the training location.

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