The World is Waiting

My life’s mission is to change the trajectory of the world, now.

Brandi Richard Thompson

I work with leaders of color:
crisis executives, black women, single mothers

I am the Founder of the Operation Growth Institute, a Global Transformational Learning Center where people can accept, heal, grow, and transform into the next iteration of their personal and professional best. For over 20 years, I  have honed my skills as a strategist, wellness expert, and coach.

I help clients identify their own solutions and specialize in coaching clients through my signature 12 steps to realize transformational growth. I  know the barriers of generational baggage, fatherlessness, sexual trauma, single mother/fatherhood, racial identity and bias, and failure. These blocks keep my clients from living their best life. I help my clients determine the next step.

Why I Became a Coach

My life’s mission includes a desire to change the trajectory of the world, now. I’ve worked in organizations for over 20 years in hopes of changing the world. My hope was to improve systems, raise money, change laws and put great people in positions of power. It took 20 years as a great strategist to fully realize the most effective way to change the world is by changing one person’s trajectory. If I help you to be magical, you will help someone else, and so on.

When I came across the coaching discipline, I realized I had been informally practicing it for years. During those years of helping others to be great in government, non-profit, and for-profit organizations, I could point to the fruit of my labor. The fruit wasn’t the institutions, systems, conferences, policies, I created.
The fruit of my labor was the people I coached.

My coaching mirrors not only what I have done for others, but how I re-imagined and strategized my own transformational growth over and over again.

I Help Women Transform into their Magical, Powerful Selves

#OperationGrowthCoach. I am a transformational growth strategist. I help you strategize your own personal development and growth. I help you identify your own solution, and determine your own steps to live your best life.

12-Step Transformation

A Seat at the Table

What my clients say…

Brandi Richard Thompson has packed her toolbox with every resource needed to help you attain your goals. In addition, she uses her own personal journey to help women be the best version of themselves. Before I met Brandi, I had no clue I wanted to transition into the nonprofit sector, much less a CEO of a nonprofit. Yet, her friendship, coaching and wisdom helped me see something in me I didn’t even know was there. Not only am I now the CEO, we have more than doubled in size and impact. I trusted Brandi, and now, with her guidance, I am living a life I designed!

– Michelle M.

“THANK YOU! I walked away from our session feeling empowered and prepared. For years, I’ve made my family and my career a priority and put my desires on the backburner. I sincerely appreciate the time. You challenged me and most of all you encouraged me to build my dream life…and for that I am truly grateful.”



Words I live by…

Growth is about determination and identification of your divine destiny.


Certificated Coach, MMS NorCal

Founding Circle, MMS NorCal Coaching Collective

Brandi’s Book: Operation Growth

Operation Growth is designed to help women on the cusp of greatness, navigate to their personal next level. Through her authentic account of the struggles and triumphs of a single black woman, leader, and mom, Brandi has woven together a hero’s story of how to navigate to your personal next level. You don’t have to see it or know exactly what it is, because perfection is not necessary. Grit and tenacity absolutely are. Operation Growth is about determination and identification of your divine destiny.

Step into Your Future