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Charles Vivier

I work with Executives and People 

I work with executives and people seeking truth and authenticity in who they are and what they do.

I support my clients, their partners, and family to communicate fully, truly and deeply. I want my clients to find love inside themselves, to find a partner, and to rediscover love in their partnership. I work with my clients so they are able to ask for what they need and get it. And, I support my clients to discover the key fact that their vulnerability is a strength.

Why I Became a Coach

I came to coaching after experiencing the duality of intensely seeking success as an entrepreneur and before that a highly competitive athlete, and deep trauma caused by a very difficult divorce. Perhaps, because I had achieved so much success in other parts of my life; after my divorce, I found myself distrustful of everyone, ego driven, and difficult, actually impossible, to be the role model I wanted to be for my children. I looked for help, tried to learn new skills, and went to therapy, but without much success.

Taking the MMS Coach Training changed my life! I learned how to live in my heart when I was in my head and how to connect with myself, which I had not known before. I also learned to connect with my partner and children, I was able to love each one deeply and let them know that I cared about them. Importantly, I was able to let them care about me and listen to me.

My life became meaningful as I started discovering the difference between making decisions and choices. I started to manifest what I truly wanted. Today, I trust myself, my partner, my loved ones, and my life is so much easier as I feel their love and support.

Today, my success to me means helping others to get to their success and stay there. I enjoy being the catalyst that helps my clients break barriers that hold them back or uncover blocks that limit their ability to enjoy. Seeing my clients succeed is important to me. 

I have found my place, my purpose, and my passion.

Executive and Relationship Coaching

I bring a unique perspective to my coaching practice from my experiences as a former entrepreneur, an ex-competitive athlete who is still passionate about exercise and a healthy diet, and is a father of three sons. I have a true deep relationship with my wife. As a bi-cultural French American family, we alternate living between France and California. I coach in French and English.

Learn to communicate fully, truly, and deeply with your partner and family.

 Discover vulnerability to be a strength.

Become accountable and achieve momentum.

What my Clients say…

Charles is French. Really French. So, I was worried that it would be a problem. I thought that he might not understand me well enough or I wouldn’t understand him well enough for coaching. I found the opposite to be true. I’m not sure if it was my trying to be extra clear and careful with my words and meaning (which helped me be clear with myself), or if it was the way he clarified his understanding of my meaning that got down to the essence of how I was feeling. I don’t know whether it was a Parisian je ne sais quoi, or the power of the program, or both. All I know is it worked, and it worked well. Go to Charles. I think you will be amazed at how much you get done and more importantly how you feel after.

– Executive at Large Enterprise


I resolved all sorts of things; a situation with my Boss, an issue with my Wife and Sons, a financial difficulty, even a personal perceived weakness that was affecting multiple areas of my life. Done. It was crazy how much I got accomplished and the feeling of satisfaction I got from every success.

– Director at Tech Company


I studied psychology, and I’ve been to multiple therapists. All had value. However, the approach often spent too much time talking about an issue and it’s source and not much time getting things done. My experience with Charles was very different. In each session we’d decide at the beginning what I wanted to accomplish and then we’d do it. There was a level of accountability and immediate action that I’d never had in any other setting. “OK, you want to do XYZ. How does it feel right now? Do you want to practice saying what you need to say? If you are ready, should you schedule the meeting or make a call right now? When will you be able to do what’s next? Do you want to set a date in your calendar when you will do it or have it done.” Most of the time I’d just do the thing immediately.

– James H. VP Global Alliance

Words I live by…

Find your place, your purpose, and your passion.


Associate Certified Coach, Mentor Coach International Coaching Federation

Facilitator, MMS NorCal

Facilitator, The MMS Worldwide Institute

Founding Circle, MMS NorCal Coaching Collective

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