Concluding this three-part series on surfing chaos in your life and the world with more collective wisdom from the MMSNorCal Collective professional and life coaches who share their own techniques to keep themselves centred, calm, and mindful.

In this final article, the coaches talk about how to embrace each new wave of chaos and disruption, how to build trust in yourself that you will survive and thrive; and, finally consider getting professional or life coaching to up your resilience.

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Step 5. Breathe and Embrace Each New Wave

After we have fully done our part, we need to once again accept that we may not be in control of what happens next. 

  • “I remind myself that nothing is permanent, like a wave, this time will pass and take everything with it, and each new wave will bring both joy and heartache. I believe in nature’s balance and when things are good, relish in them, and when times are hard, I know it won’t last AND I know that life doesn’t give you one without the other. Somehow, having that perspective has helped me survive some pretty hard things.” – Coach Lindsey Taylor-Vivier
  • “Tomorrow is another day, and you always can change, adapt, transform and get better.” – Coach Charles Vivier
  • “I acknowledge this difficult time and remind myself that others are challenged in ways that we may never know. So, kindness is important now. Letting go when someone is rude, or judgemental. We are all suffering, so I think of what small things I can do to make people feel heard and seen.” – Coach Michelle Hayden-Marsan
  • “Focusing on my breath reminds me that all the answers are within. In the midst of chaos, deep breathing brings us back to our center.” – Coach Brandi Richard Thompson

Breathe to Detoxify

As per Coach Michelle Mueller Ihrig, “To breathe is the body’s most natural ability to detoxify, calm and ground. With every exchange of our breath, we breathe in the life giving force of oxygen, and with every exhale we release carbon dioxide. This ebb and flow of our breath is our body’s natural way to stabilize and find its center.”

She uses pranayama (breath of life) techniques throughout her day to more quickly activate the state of being that allows her to increase the gap between stimulus and chosen response.

When we come from a more grounded state, we are better able to respond versus react to any given situation.

Coach Michelle Mueller Ihrig

Three Breathing Exercises

Coach Mueller Ihrig offers three of her favorite breathing methods which she use first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

breathing to detoxify exercises

Balloon Breathing.

Breath in and out of the nose and envisioning your stomach as a balloon, inhaling slowly and filling and expanding it with air, holding for just a second at the top of the inhale, and then slowly exhaling while pushing your navel all the way towards your spine.

Alternate Nose Breathing.

cCose your right nostril while breathing in through your left nostril first, then hold the left nostril closed while exhaling through the right, then inhale right and exhale left and so on. Breathe in for a count of 6 or 7 and exhale for a count of 7 or 8.

Deep Inhale and Hold.

Take a deep breath in and expand your stomach holding your breath for as long as is comfortable. While holding your breath, focus on listening – to your body, to your external surroundings. Awaken your senses, awaken your awareness. Ask yourself, what do I hear?

Step 6. Trust and have Faith All will be Well

Coach Charles believes in the power, energy of the universe which wants the best for itself.

He surrounds himself with people who care for humanity and the universe and want the best for themselves and others. “I am grateful everyday for my life and my choices, my loved one, my fortune”, he says. “Trust is an ongoing process. Trusting myself is an ongoing process as well as trusting others, starting with my loved ones and the Universe that we all are doing our best to live our best life.”

“My trust has come from a mantra that I love which says: “I grow through what I go through” says Coach Hayden-Marsan. “Any major difficulty that has brought me to my knees in the past has eventually paved the way to believing this too will pass. Sheer grit and determination has given me the tools to move forward and having done so, I know that I am never alone; even when I feel otherwise.”

Coach Brandi admits she doesn’t always do a great job. “When I am at my best, I remember that whatever is going on in the world or in the meeting, it’s really just about me and God. When life gets unbearable, my faith reminds me that no one or no thing can harm me without going through God first”, she says.

Steps on Building Faith

Coach Mueller Ihrig builds faith by practicing and embracing three things:

  1. Counting her blessings
  2. Adopting an attitude of gratitude
  3. Building awareness and awe of the perfect ecosystem that is our natural world, which is so much larger than ourselves and works in complete harmony”

Trust is the foundation for any flourishing relationship, including that of ourselves. When we realize we are a part of this grand ecosystem of life, we can appreciate all the abundance in our lives and how the greater universe is in support of us. 

How to Reflect Thoughtfully

  1. Count your blessings by taking a moment of pause before your meals and acknowledging the nourishing food and company you keep. 
  2. Track your gratitude in a journal before going to bed or first thing in the morning. 
  3. Grow your faith and trust in yourself, humanity and the world by taking pause throughout your day to notice the beauty of nature around you and all the miracles it presents. 

A wonderful quote, “nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished,” is a simple reminder of how we might live life with more meaning, peace and purpose by taking time to notice the tiny inspirations that exist everywhere.

This happens when we step outside our busy minds, and into the present moment and power of now.

Pause, look, what do you see?

Step 7. Train to Surf the Waves and find a Professional or Life Coach

We live in uncertain times and the waves of change do not stop. Surfing chaos is a practice and like every practice, a coach can be your sounding board, a coach has your back and a coach can help you get back on track. 

During the pandemic, Coach Sarah E. Spencer observed how the entire global education sector was severely impacted, with thousands of professionals losing their jobs. She came to terms with this unexpected challenge by redirecting her time and energy to the Global Leadership League, an organization she founded to support newly unemployed leaders.

Coach Sara reflected on how she loved her new role in supporting leaders that she became a certified MMSNorCal professional coach!

Come to Terms that Life Changes Constantly

Coach Mueller Ihrig feels she has come to terms with the fact that life changes on a dime.

She says, “The best way to navigate changes in the tides of life is to learn to grow along with it by following our interests, intuition and raising our awareness by being more present in the moment. By being more present we quickly become aware of what is working and what we’d like to change. We can then decide to change our perspective about situations which we cannot change and find joy and opportunity in the now. This is my practice and I am so grateful as a coach to be able to help others walking their own paths.”

You can become successful at surfing chaos in life and the world!

Whether you are looking to improve your health and wellness, working on relationships or looking to advance your career and fulfill your dreams, you will find an MMSNorCal coach who is committed to being by your side.

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